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Thu, 05/31/2018 - 8:17pm

We've just realized something... and we've had this website for 13 years! 

There's a sneaky trick many online retailers use to get you to pay more: "dynamic pricing." That's when a store charges you a higher price than it does another customer based on certain criteria they track! Luckily, you have visited a site that doesn't play those "yes, that should be illegal games" you can get the lowest price every time:

1. Double-check the price on a different device! If an online retailer uses "cookies" (any many of them do!) to track you on the Internet, it can tell what other sites you visit. Cookies are little electronic footprints and they truly track your every online move. If those sites are upscale (say,, you could be profiled as someone who can pay more. So before you buy, log on to the site from another web-enabled device, like a tablet or your phone and visit the same Web page. If the prices vary, buy the item from the device where it's cheapest!

2. Long in and out of your store account! If you have an online account at a retailer, check the prices of items both logged in to your store account and logged out as a guest shopper to see if they're the same. If you've made expensive purchases in the past, some retailers may assume you can afford to pay more and ratchet up the cost while other retailers may reduce their price to reward your loyalty and encourage you to keep shopping there!

3. Change your ZIP code! Some online retailers ask you to pick the location of your nearest brick-and-mortar store even when it doesn't make a difference regarding your online order. It's just one way store try to figure out where you live so they can find out more about you. So pick a ZIP code for a store in a neighborhood near you that has a lower median income. If the site uses dynamic pricing, then the prices you'll get may be lower to match it!

4. Look for online coupons before buying! Love saving with coupon codes? Here's one more good reason to take a few minutes to hunt down an online coupon before making an online purchase: Many retailers track how often you use their coupons, which can affect the price they offer you! For instance, if you don't use coupons, they may assume it means you don't mind paying extra, so they bump up the prices of items you want to buy. However, if you regularly use coupons, they may target you as someone who only buys when you can save money ~ so you'll be offered a lower price! Find codes at and

I mentioned above that we just learned of all of this today. I happened to see the article in Woman's World and though I knew you had to get creative when buying airline tickets (going private is one brilliant way), I had no idea it was like this with online retailers, also. We are proud to be a company that appreciates your privacy. We respect you and appreciate the fact that you've come to us to purchase the most cherished gifts on the planet!


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