Look at that TShirt in the Window... Oh WOW! The one showing all of the grandkids... Oh WOW!

Fri, 03/08/2019 - 1:36pm

Whew! What a busy beginning to 2019 it has been. It's been ages since we have posted a blog for the website, and on this day, I knew the perfect blog to bring us into the new (now three months old) year.

The following blog was written by one of the gems at Enchanted Memories, Custom Engraving & Unique Gifts. Aside from doing a fabulous job for us, Patricia also has a website herself, CaregivingCornerstone.com. This website is full of beautiful inspiration that allows you in to Patricia's genuinely special heart. It is a must read for anyone going through grief or sorrow and it's a reminder that life can be wonderful again. You may have met Patricia in person at our storefront in Branson, MO, USA, or you may have spoken with her on the phone during a customer service call. Either way, the next time you get a chance to speak with her, be sure to let her know that you saw her blog post on our website. We couldn't help but to repost.

Thank you, Patricia, for your continued inspiration!

One day recently, while at the little engraving shoppe where I work on Main Street, USA, an elderly lady approached the counter. From behind it, I was able to observe her demeanor as she walked toward me with a question on her mind. The unusual thing was the anguish her question seemed to evoke in her. I could almost feel pain as she asked if we could make a T-shirt for her with her grandchildren’s names on it. She had seen the one on display in the front window and wanted one like it.

Usually, writing an order for “GRANDMA’S LOVE BUGS” is fun. We make the list of the children’s names, specify if it’s a boy or girl so a boy or girl love bug, a frisky little bumble bee or maybe an adorable little butterfly can be pictured along with each name. This nice lady wasn’t rude in any way. She just kept a strikingly unemotional, unfriendly, distance as she asked how she could order the T and we proceeded. She would have five names of her grandchildren on the shirt; two boys and three girls, each would be pictured by one of the designers sweet little cartoon love bugs. We completed the order for a next day pick-up and she left the shoppe as solemnly as she had entered.

Don’t you just wonder sometimes, what has occurred in people’s lives that buries any sparkle or enthusiasm for life? You want to reach in and take that hurt away and see a little peace for that soul that’s suffering under still difficult circumstances. A little more love in that persons life might have made such a difference.

The next day the lady came in to pick-up her T. As I unfolded the pale pink shirt with the three sweetest little girl butterflies and two frisky little boy bumble bees, each barring the name of one of her grandchildren, I witnessed the sudden unveiling of emotion this woman had stored in her heart for who knows how long. Her eyes filled with tears as they brightened her face to a huge smile and you could see a wave of love wash over this beautiful soul for those children. She didn’t even try to cover it. Just said thank you as I packaged the shirt and handed it to her. We said goodbye and she left the store, as anonymously as she had entered the day before.

Well, you know I fell in love with that beautiful mysterious woman. I would most likely never see her again, but, she reminded me, as I hope to remind others, that often the quietest person in the room has the capacity to brighten the lives of thousands with the love that burns within them. They just need the right opportunity to share their beauty. They become memorable without ever knowing they left an impression.

Grandmas Love Bugs gave this woman something to feel wonderful about, again. I hope she wears the shirt often and relives the joy it brought her that day and that her grandchildren have the opportunity to feel the love she has for them.

It’s a beautiful day, please look for someone with whom you can fall in love. They’re around every corner. They often disguise themselves very well, so don’t be deceived by a ruff demeanor. Take a chance and ask a question, with a smile. “How are you doing today, sir?,” and listen, as you ask yourself silently, “Is this the one?”

I hope you feel love every day of your life.




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