What sets us apart from other engraving companies? Top 5 Reasons Why!

Tue, 02/02/2016 - 8:35pm

What sets us apart?

The TOP 5 Reasons Why!

1.       Gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime! How do you give a gift that will be heartfelt, a gift that will be cherished for many years to come? A gift that will become a family heirloom? You choose a personalized gift, a gift engraved to last for all time! Here at Enchanted Memories, Custom Engraving & Unique Gifts you are sure to find the very best personalized gift for our friend or loved one. You will find gifts that are created from scratch... just for you! No templates, no gift that was created for you and 10.000 others just like you. All from scratch, from a blank slate allowing you (or us, if you choose) to go crazy (or basic) with the design. There’s a handy “Order Comments” section during checkout that allows you to tell us how you would like your gift engraved. If you’d like the names in a certain place, you’ve got it! If you’d like the engraved photo to be cropped, you’ve got it! Any special layout instructions that you have can be added in this section. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s done just for YOU. If, of course, you find that you just can’t put it all into words through a computer screen, give us a call, we are happy to take the order right over the phone! That brings us back to the start of number 1, a gift, created by us… for YOU, the way that YOU want it to be cherished for all time.

Here’s an example: We’ve taken a photograph of an adorable little boy and added a logo to make it even more special. This little boy’s father loves Harley Davidson Motorcycles so we added the logo and his name. WOW, a special personalized light up photo gift for dad!

2.       Personalized Engraved Gifts for all occasions- No matter what occasion you're celebrating, a personalized gift shows that you care, a personalized gift shows you took a few moments to find the most special gift. It really doesn't take long, have a look around our site you will find the perfect personalized gift right here at Enchanted Memories, Custom Engraving & Unique Gifts.  Again, because everything starts blank you can take something as simple as a key chain and make it extraordinary! Here are a few examples:


This Photo Christmas Ornament was engraved with the photograph of a loving couple embracing. The photo alone is truly stunning and once it’s engraved forever it becomes a cherished keepsake and a timeless treasure. Our Acrylic Photo Christmas Ornaments sell for 18.97, what an affordable way to cherish memories like this one.  

Our US Military is more important than ever to our country. Here, a photo of a soldier and his bride are engraved on a metal key chain. He will carry this with him overseas to help defend us all. God be with you and protect you. You can order your photo military dog tag for only 19.97 today.

A wooden key chain engraved with an adorable child is a special gift for her mother. Our photo key chains are again, one of our best sellers. Our personalized photo key chain sells for only 16.97, an unbelievable price for such a token of love.


3.       We don’t cut corners - Here at Enchanted Memories, Custom Engraving & Unique Gifts your satisfaction is our goal. From the moment your order comes in until your order is packaged for shipment, you are our priority. We don't care how small or how large your order is, you will always receive the same outstanding pride in service that will keep you coming back for all occasions. We don't throw your gifts down an assembly line, toss them into a box and slap a shipping label on it. We take great pride in creating each and every gift to ensure you are more than pleased.


4.       Our customer satisfaction and repeat customer base cannot be matched by any other personalization company, we guarantee it! You will find personalized engraved gifts for the teen, the couple, the man or lady in your life, your mother or father and the list goes on and on. Should you have any problems when placing your order, we are here for you. Your order is updated automatically and email sent to you letting you know where your order is in production. From the first email you receive thanking you for your order to the very last email letting you know your order is complete, we keep you informed along the way. And, of course, should you ever have a question or comment please feel free to call us, we are always happy to help. Which is another thing we would like to point out… our phones are answered by a real live person. You will not have to go through prompts to get to the “Customer Service Department,” our entire team is our customer service department! If, by chance, we are all helping other customers please feel free to leave a message and your call is returned the same business day. It’s simple… it’s the way we do things… we appreciate each and every customer. Read our customer testimonials! 


5.       And, finally, many of our products are made in the USA!  How often do we hear this anymore? How often do you go out shopping for a gift and find MADE IN AMERICA? The truth is, you don’t. You don’t find many things at all anymore that are homemade much less a special personalized gift. One of our owners is a proud US Navy Veteran and it is always a priority to find as many personalized gifts as we can to engrave and personalize. Even the Camille Beckman Lotions that we carry is MADE IN THE USA! Here are a few of our gifts that are MADE IN THE USA from start to finish.


As we mentioned, our Camille Beckman Lotions– This too is a true American company. Below is a little about their company. We have been proud to carry this brand for the last 11 years.

About Us



Our founder, Susan Camille, grew up in a small town in Idaho. As a child she liked spending time learning with her dad, who was an agriculture teacher. In grade school her father gave her a book titled “100 Things For Boys To Do”. It was a chapter in this book that inspired her to begin creating perfumes from flower extractions, and by high school she was making creams, jewelry designs and art for the local ladies. Headed towards a degree in pottery and art history, she decided to follow her dream and bought a one-way ticket to London. While in Europe she used her creativity to perform a variety of odd jobs, from selling her oil paintings to restoring an abandoned palace. Moving to Greece, she focused on her artistic talent and self-growth, laying the groundwork of what would eventually become Camille Beckman.


Back in Idaho in 1985, Susan had $40 and a dream to bring together women of all backgrounds to create work opportunities that could benefit future generations. Soon she met her husband Foad, who would work full-time helping her pick flowers and herbs in addition to his other full-time job as an engineer. Her mother, Joy, was the positive laughter and helping hand that kept projects rolling. In 1989, Foad and Susan had a daughter that they mindfully named Roshan Jihan, which means ‘light world’ in Persian. The same year Susan became a mother, Camille Beckman grew to new heights and became a nationally recognized brand. Since then, a lot has happened in this world, yet Camille Beckman has sustained and flourished, still focused on the same defining pillars that built our foundation of strength since day one.

Thank you to all who have been a part of our 30-year journey; we look forward to the future together. Remember; you have everything you will ever need within. 



We believe in the naturally beautiful and romantic side of all women. We believe all women are born with purpose and have the potential to change the world by being true to themselves and their creative, feminine side. In all we touch, our goal is to leave the world a softer, more magical place. 



All women deserve to feel beautiful. We create products that encourage women to embrace and nourish their natural beauty, using many specialty ingredients from mother nature herself.


As a woman owned, family operated business, we are blessed to be able to create a world of magic together upon waking up each morning. Our family is what motivates us to keep spreading the love and joy of Camille Beckman.


It’s simple; do the right thing. Our founder always insists on doing the right thing, even when it makes things difficult. Due to this, we are proud to still be made in America and focused on creating quality products in our eco-friendly factory, where our average team member has been with us for over 25 years.

The Camille Beckman Foundation

Since 1995, The Camille Beckman Foundation has funded over 120 organizations that build orphanages, create health and education programs, and provide access to basic needs for men and women in our community and throughout the world. Each day is a new opportunity to express gratitude and pass hope on to others. 


We are also proud to announce that all of our Basswood and Butternut Plaques are MADE IN THE USA. We feature these wooden plaques from a small 6x9 oval to a 9-11x14" and lots of sizes in between. These plaques are delivered to us several times per year from northern Wisconsin and they too take great pride in the product they are creating – 

A message from our wood suppliers:

“We have been involved in wood from the cutting and harvesting of the tree, through the hauling and processing of the wood, and finally the milling and kiln drying of the wood for many, many years. We very much enjoy the milling and kiln drying of the wood so much that it’s all we do now. We pride ourselves on using only the best Butternut and Basswood products from Wisconsin’s Northern forest land and selling some of the best carving wood on the market.”


These are the types of companies we like to deal with, the type of companies that provide jobs to the American people and still take pride in the products they create. Rest assured that if you buy one of our engraved Butternut or Basswood Plaques, ordering one of the fantastic jars of our lotion or many, many other items you’ll find throughout our site and store, you are keeping these jobs here in America where they should be.

So, whether you’re hunting for an inspirational engraved gift for her or a fantastic selection of unique engraved gifts for him you’ll always find something new and something special for yourself or for a loved one. You will find our selection of engraved gifts to be different than anyone else. With our state of the art engraving machines we can engrave most anything from paper to concrete. We stand apart when it comes to engraving. We engrave photos, logos, text, even your very own signature or thumb print. You name it, we can engrave it. 

Looking for a special wedding anniversary gift or engagement gift with a "custom" difference, why not look to one of our many personalized wedding gifts that you can engrave a special message and the couples name? Have a favorite photograph you would like to include? Photo engraving is one of the many things that we specialize in. Our laser engraver picks up every detail in your special photo with the precision and accuracy you will not find anywhere else. The beam from our laser is slightly larger than the human hair ensuring all of the details important to you are captured and will live on forever. The special couple will cherish forever the special gift that was chosen just for them and they will talk about it for years to come. 

We also have a fabulous selection of engraved military gifts, personalized business gifts, engraved key chains, custom photo dog tags, personalized sympathy gifts... and the list goes on and on. Go ahead, click through our pages, you are sure to find the perfect personalized engraved gift for everyone on your list. 

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