Photo Pendant

Photo Pendant

Wear your cherished photo around your neck for everyone to admire. Our Aluminum Oval Photo Pendant Necklace is a large oval with a Florentine edge that works great as a charm for a bracelet or a photo pendant necklace. The size is 1.1875" x .030" and features a polished scalloped edge finish and an 18" silver plated necklace. Personalize yours with a loved ones picture or your precious four legged friend! It's a marvelous item for yourself or as a special gift. Personalized text will be engraved on the backside of the pendant and is limited to 20 characters.

How sublimation works: An imprint of your image is taken and baked together with the material of your choice at or above 400 degrees. As the material heats the ink turns to a gas penetrating the item. Once cooled the gasses are trapped inside the material, leaving your image permanently imprinted. 




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