Spring - it never felt so good!

Spring - it never felt so good!

Ahhhh, Spring, what a wonderful time of year. After a long, cold, gloomy Winter, it's so refreshing to feel the warmth of the sunshine and see the daffodils sprouting back to life. The days are getting longer and people are moving about again. Ahhhh yes, we are all ready for some wonderful, warm days, some travel, and some smiles! Finally, I do believe we are going to start to see some normality come back into our lives! Yippy for that!

Missouri has been open for business for most of the past (COVID) year, and thank God for that! And, though tourism is down worldwide, Branson has seen many days full of bustling visitors from towns all around our great county. From Florida, to Ohio, to the Dakotas, and all points in between, they have come to Branson for a taste of the things we had all taken for granted. A walk down Historic Main Street, a nice lunch or dinner in a fabulous restaurant, and spending a lovely evening making memories with their families at one of our entertaining shows on The Strip. It all seemed so simple before, didn't it?

As we gear up for our 2021 season, we first want to take a moment to thank all of you who have continued to shop with us during all of the uncertainty in our world these past 12 months. Our appreciation cannot be put into words, and whether you have shopped with us from the very beginning, or just found us recently, please know that it is YOU that continues to bring smiles to our days, and gratitude to our hearts. At a time where so many small businesses have not been able to survive, you have helped keep us alive. Thank you!

Now, let me tell you a little about what our new season, and our 16th season holds. LOADS and LOADS and LOADS of fantastic new gift items would be the first thing I must mention! And, of course, we are keeping some of our old faithful lines, too! CHALA Handbags (always a huge customer favorite!), DaVinci Jewelry, Snap Jewelry, Lazy Ones, Woodstock Wind Chimes, and of course, our most popular line of all, our custom made, one-of-a-kind personalized gifts that are made right here, for you... one by one. Speaking of made right here, did you know that many of our gift items are MADE IN THE USA?! That's right, we work really hard to find awesome, affordable, high quality gifts that you are proud to give for any occasion. Gifts that you can say are made right here in America, gifts that you can say helped an American worker and their family. That's so important to us, and we hope it is important to you as well. 

The Enchanted Memories, Custom Engraving & Unique Gifts Team hasn't changed either! You'll find the same friendly, smiling faces that you've come to know year after year. And, if your coming by to see our mascots... well, they are here too, ready and able to make your heart happy with their sweet little furry welcomes. Might even want to bring a doggy treat with you, they are sure to be your friend for life should you have a Scooby snack, and find them working hard on the sales floor. They are easy to please, and so grateful to see each and every one of you. 

Ya'all come back and see us! Branson is sure to be a wonderful travel destination for you in 2021, and you can't come to town without stopping by that great little gift shop on Main Street! Remember, our customers gave us our tagline, "The Most Unique Gift Shop in Branson" for a reason... you wont find anywhere else like us! See you soon! 

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