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Meet the Team - With Small Town Values and Personal Service You're Sure to Love!

Julie Mires, Co-owner/Operator - “I believe every day of our lives leads us closer to our destiny, and I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.” Prior to opening Enchanted Memories, Custom Engraving & Unique Gifts I worked in Graphic Art and Design and spent many years working in Accounting. Enchanted Memories came from an idea that Chuck and I had, we do what we love and enjoy and we do it together. We have met so many fabulous people because we deal with them directly and we truly appreciate them all. We set our standards very high and you will be more than pleased… we guarantee it!”

Sir Windsor "Chomp Chomp" Willingham, Company Comedian - Windsor is an English Bulldog that was born in a puppy mill in Kansas and brought to a "Puppy Warehouse" here in southern Missouri for whatever they could get for him. A puppy mill is an awful place where the dogs are treated horribly and bred until they can't be bred anymore. They are housed in filthy, small cages, normally stacked very high, and left there until it's time to sell them. A puppy warehouse is where backyard breeders, and puppy mills bring their dogs to sell them for the highest price they can get. They are then sold to pet stores where we, as customers, see them and purchase them to be a part of our family. It's all about the money, and it's a horrible situation. Windsor was set to be euthanized because his underbite was too much for AKC Regulations and because his front legs were crooked - thus not bringing enough money. One of the employees smuggled him out and he ended up with a good friend of ours until we could get our hands on him. Windsor is now almost 6 years old and he is a happy, silly, peculiar fellow that we absolutely adore. His life is a 'rags to riches' story and we can't image this beautiful soul not having a shot at a wonderful life. He's very healthy and you would never know that he was born with slight disabilities in his legs. We are so darn proud of him! Just shows what good nutrition and a whole lotta love with do. 

Sweet Gypsy Rose, Activities Director - Also a rescue, she is a beautiful Red Nose Pitbull Terrier and is truly as sweet as sugar. She is a cuddle bug, like most Pitties and she wants nothing more than to please her mom and dad. She is most happy when she's snuggled close to both of us. She was in a no-kill rescue and was there so long that she was losing her soul. All she wanted was a good loving home with good, animal loving people. She is a ray of sunshine, and everyone that meets her falls head over heels in love with her. She is our party girl and she makes sure everyone around her is happy and having a great time!

Luka Daisy, Dog Walker - Luka was rescued from the streets of Uvalde, Texas. She is a Brug - part Pug, part Brussels Griffon. She wants to make sure that the other kiddos get enough exercise, so she gets the troops together and runs zoomies all over the house... the yard... and/or the shop. She loves to run the fence line after the big trucks and makes sure that her sister, Gypsy follows suit. She is just precious. 

We believe every animal deserves a loving forever home, a home where they are considered family. We have a wishing well set up inside our storefront for folks to donate to our cause. The sign above it reads, "Give a Penny, Make a Wish, Save a Life", we also have a box set up at the register at our storefront for donations, and we have a whole room in our store devoted to animals in need. A portion of all of the proceeds from our "Rescue Room" are matched by us and along with the 'wishes' from the fountain and money from our donation box are  donated to a shelter of our choosing at the end of every year. We are honored to help animals in need and if you are too, feel free to send your wishes and donations to:

Enchanted Memories, Custom Engraving & Unique Gifts
106 W. Main Street, Branson, Missouri 65616